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The NFL season kicks off tonight! No better time to wax nostalgic about a few of our favorite Pro Bowl hosts! 

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#MCM: Jordan Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ ‘Baby Bro’ is certainly winning at the puberty game.

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ALS ice bucket challenge - Tottenham Hotspur Players

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Tottenham Hotspur 2014-2015 Squad

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Painted Eyebrow Trends in Tang Dynasty

This is a chart showing different eyebrow trends in the Tang Dynasty. It’s based on a chart in Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei and Gao Chunming (2004), on pg 37. I wanted to create a chart that had the eyebrows on faces.

Interesting notes

"Women of the Tang Dynasty paid particular attention to facial appearance, and the application of powder or even rouge was common practice. Some women’s foreheads were painted dark yellow and the dai (a kind of dark blue pigment) was used to paint their eyebrows into different shapes that were called dai mei(painted eyebrows) in general. There were literally a dozen ways to pait the eyebrows and between the brows there was a colourful decoration called hua dian, which was made of specks of gold, silver and emerald feather.” (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

"…during the years of Yuanho in the reign of Xuanzong the system of costumes changed, and women no longer applied red powder to their faces; instead, they used only black ointment for their lips and made their eyebrows like like the Chinese character ‘’." (5000 Years of Chinese Costume, 77)

The black lipstick style “was called the ‘weeping makeup’ or ‘tears makeup’.” (Chinese Clothing by Hua Mei, 37)

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Good luck Coach Strong! Can’t wait for an awesome season! #CoopGameDay #Hookem #CoachStrong http://thndr.it/Vt7tJL

Good luck Coach Strong! Can’t wait for an awesome season! #CoopGameDay #Hookem #CoachStrong http://thndr.it/Vt7tJL

Eli Manning does a Q&A on Reddit

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I think everybody was a bit surprised (and totally pleased!)

Congrats to team Sherlock for their Emmy wins!

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